About the Conference

NGL – Next Generation Learning


Next Generation Learning (NGL) embodies a vision of learning that has its basis incollaboration and open dialogue, facilitated by technical innovation and suited to the needs and interests of each individual, regardless of learning style, life situation or reasons for studying.

NGL is primarily about the development of pedagogy that drives technical development, and a central issue is how we can use the available technology to address and solve pedagogical challenges.

Next Generation Learning Conference

In February 2012, Dalarna University - in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology - hosted the first Next Generation Learning Conference. In March 2014, the second conference took place and just over two years later it was then time for the third conference, which was held in November 2015. Now it is time for the fourth Next Generation Learning Conference.

NGL at Dalarna University

NGL as a concept is well-established at Dalarna University. We have a holistic approach and view to learning and education. The University is home to 16,000 students, some two-thirds of whom are currently enrolled in collaborative, synchronous online courses.

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